"Every person has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential for betterment of his/her life."

Vision Explained

The organisation’s operational area, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, has one of the lowest human development indexes in the country. Resources are concentrated in the hands of a few, effectively denying opportunities to a large section of population, leading to its deprivation. Our dream is to make available ‘the lost’ opportunities to this segment of population so it can improve its life.


"We seek to create sustainable solutions to the problems of the disadvantaged people, mainly Dalits, women and children."

Mission Explained

The problem of deprivation can be effectively challenged by providing opportunities in education, healthcare, livelihood and polity among others. This can be done by enabling the deprived people stand up for their rights and provide them services in the above mentioned areas. These resourceful people will be able to lead improved life, which is the vision of our own existence.